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You deserve an update [24 Jun 2009|05:07pm]
I'm going to South America motherfuckers! I leave tomorrow night out of SFO and arrive in Lima, Peru in the afternoon. We spend two days there then we fly to Cuzco and do the UC Davis Summer abroad thing for a month, should be fucking awesome: Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, etc. Then after that we fly out for a week in Santiago, Chile. Mmmmmm
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Just a thought... [10 Jan 2009|02:02pm]
[ mood | high ]

It has come to my attention that the years of 2002-2003 were SIX FUCKING YEARS AGO. Thank you.

East Hastings

[20 Oct 2008|10:26pm]
oh my jebus, who knew that I somehow had the memory capacity to remember the last 70 years of U.S. Foreign Policy? I wish I had remember more 'cus I would've aced the motherfuckin' midterm instead of just getting a possible B+... *sigh*
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[19 Aug 2008|04:17pm]
A Mormon Mr. Boston.
East Hastings

[08 Jul 2008|06:43pm]
Marge: Homer, when are you going to give up this crazy sugar scheme?
Homer: Never, Marge! Never. I can't live the button-down life like
you. I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the
creamy middles. Sure, I might offend a few of the bluenoses with
my cocky stride and musky odors -- oh, I'll never be the darling
of the so-called "City Fathers" who cluck their tongues, stroke
their beards, and talk about "What's to be done with this Homer
East Hastings

*penny whistle up* [07 Jul 2008|11:08pm]
Being lonely... sucks. *penny whistle down*
East Hastings

[06 May 2008|09:13pm]


They're not
Gonna happen
East Hastings

[06 Apr 2008|11:06am]
Recently purchased Santana's "Abraxas" and "Amigos" LP's at Rasputin's for a combined 4 bucks. Snoogans.
East Hastings

[03 Apr 2008|04:30pm]
I guess it's better to confess a lie than to perpetuate it. Both were equally as painful.
East Hastings

[20 Feb 2008|06:56pm]
Every woman adores a Fascist
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[17 Dec 2007|10:47am]
Just when I'm out, they pull me back in! 
East Hastings

[26 Nov 2007|01:06pm]
Every time I see a picture of Pervez Musharraf I always think of Mi Tio Rafael. Man they look so much alike.
East Hastings

does it make you feel alright?! [24 Nov 2007|05:11am]
The Mars Volta makes me want to fuck... you like an animal!
East Hastings

[17 Nov 2007|01:50pm]
what was originally to be a 3 hour nap turned into an 18 hour hibernation. Man I feel refreshed!
East Hastings

[16 Nov 2007|03:18pm]
5 Sad Mafiosos| East Hastings

[24 Oct 2007|09:27pm]
I got these
CD sleeves
in the mail today.

I'm gonna use them to
pass my art
around the bay.

Hobotron - The Beats of Phoenix Place

February / 2008

Look for it FREE in record stores near you (if you live somewhere in or around the bay)
East Hastings

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